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Free soccer camp session

These are FREE PLAYER-CENTRIC sessions for the purpose of individual player assessment before recommending which of our camps would be most advantageous to the player.  

We believe that not all camps are for every player just like in school not all students take the same level classes.

Every position on the field has a technical skill that must be mastered in order to compete at any  level, that's why we have developed a 4 day camp for every position which break down every critical technical aspect of that specific position.

Every session is led by a professional licensed coach.

Ball Mastery Camp

Nothing in soccer is more important than skill with the ball.

This camp is for every competitive player levels but specially for those starting out. This sessions combine basic drill with increased speed and intensity replicating game situations. Most important we teach participants things they can do on their own.

"repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action which makes it the architect of achievement" Zig Ziglar

Physical Technical Camp

This camp combines high intensity ball drills with fitness exercise stations to create game like situations  which place high demand on your physical condition and mental strength. 

Goalie Camp

Goalkeepers will learn the technical skills needed to be successful. By using game like situations, and the guidance of a goalkeeper coach.

Defenders Camp

The camp will cover training through technique, ball control reps, and game like play. The goal is for defensive players to increase field awareness and gain skill sets to become a defensive threat.

Forwards Camp

Forwards camp goes beyond striking, it teaches players how to be remain offensive with out the ball.

Mid-fielders Camp

"Great midfielders are able to receive the ball when they’re surrounded by defenders and make the pass that opens the game up once again."

Pro Fit Soccer USA

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